Chip Wars

Formed in 2018, Chip Wars stayed a “Garage-Band” for a pretty long time. They have been concentrating on songwriting and recording for almost two years. In April 2020, they released their very first Single “Of Course”. Afterwards, they went back to rehearsal room and studio, working on new songs and improving their skills. Almost one year later, “wannabefree” came out: a song about being free from every bias in the world. Musically, Chip Wars may be classified as an Alternative/Indie Rock Band. But there are some progressive accents in their songs as well. After all, Pink Floyd influenced them dramatically. Especially Kamil and Shamkhal are reckless fans of the iconic British band. Dominik and Benedikt are kind of “funky” guys, influenced by Marcus Miller, Vulfpeck and more, as they take Chip Wars’ music to a whole other level. All this is rounded by Synths and Keyboards of Henrik, who is influenced by modern pop music. Soon, they will be presenting their first LP: separated in 9 singles, listeners are going to be introduced to the surreal world of Chip Wars.